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  • DUBROVNIK BIG GAME | Noćni ribolov
    DUBROVNIK BIG GAME | Noćni ribolov
  • DUBROVNIK BIG GAME | Noćni ribolov

about night fishing

Night fishing (night drifting), similar to the daily drifting but the primary goal of this method of fishing is swordfish. Fairly good results are achieved for the moonless night. Night fishing is very attractive because we are looking for big fish. Extremely dynamic fishing in the dark with the help of reflectors, makes this fish special and unique in the Adriatic. The maximum number of persons: 5 + skipper + sailor.

What with a fishing catch?

Fish was caught having a ship, but crew Servantes will be happy to set aside part of fish for you.

What should I bring?

We recommend that guests bring along sunglasses, sun creams,camera and appropriate remedies against sea sickness.

Travel delays

In case of bad weather conditions, only the captain can decide whether postpone the trip, always for safety of passengers. Amount paid trip will be fully refunded to guests. Amount paid trip will not be refunded if guests delay trip for personal reasons.


Boat insurance and guests were completely been secured. In case the customer loses or damages a fishing gear owned Servantes the same will be charged at the end of trip.